Pure Water Window Cleaning Technology

Team Window Clean has invested significantly in pure water technology as we are committed to providing customers with the best possible window cleaning solutions.  

Impurities found in tap water (eg calcium, magnesium, iron etc) have either a net positive or negative charge.  Team Window Clean’s 3-stage filtration process strips these impurities and their respective charge from the water supply.  The resulting pure water molecule is strongly attracted to impurities when applied to a cleaning surface and is therefore a highly effective cleaning agent.

After a final rinse with our pure, spot free water your windows will have no soapy residue and will essentially be left in a sterile state, producing a stunning result.

Our method of applying this pure water on external glass panels also adds significant value.  Pure water is fed up retractable carbon fibre poles that allow for ready access to 2nd and 3rd story windows without the need for a ladder.  This saves time and mitigates risk for the user and this translates to competitve rates for our valuable customers.

Also, as we use special brush heads that deliver pure water with small jets we’re also able to thorougly clean your window frames.  Cleaning your frames not only enhances the visual appeal of your property it also helps to keep your windows cleaner for longer as dirt and contaminants can transfer from your frames to the glass.

Maintaining Solar Panels with Pure Water

A regular cleaning program will enable your solar panels to operate at an optimum kilowatt output and extend the life of your investment.

Solar panels can attract enormous amounts of dirt, dust, soot and droppings.  These contaminants can become baked on and therefore will not readily rinse off during a rain event.

As with windows, tap water should not be sprayed on solar panels unless it will be quickly removed using pure water, a squeegee or microfibre towel.  Contaminats in tap water, when left on any glass surface can result in hard water stains over time.  Using a squeegee or towel to dry solar panels can be very difficult and quite dangerous if standard safety procedures are not followed.

Team Window Clean’s technology is ideally suited as the operator can apply pure water safely (often from ground level) and the agitation and rinse necessary to remove stubborn stains.